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Unopened Geodes



Crack your own geode open, be the first to see nature’s surprise inside!
As the earth’s surface cooled, bubbles of air were formed in the molten rock. water containing minerals then seeped into these cavities depositing beautiful structures of quartz crystal and agate. As time passed, the surrounding rock decayed into the sand and clay in which these geodes are found today!


Small 2.5 – 3 Inches

Medium 3.5-4 Inches

Large 4-4.5 Inches

Extra Large 4.5 Inches and Up.


Each stone has its own unique characteristics and beauty, please note the item you will receive will not be the exact item(s) seen in the photo(s) and will vary slightly in color, size and shape.



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Small (2.5-3 Inches), Medium (3.25-4 Inches), Large (4-4.5 Inches), Extra Large (4.5+ Inches)